Nice to come back

find these magazines in my letterbox and realize Yohan and me actually made it to the Newsweek COVER !

Also my little nephew and his friends are in the current issue of GEOmini and football player Aytac Sulu in 11 Freunde!

Thanks to NEWSWEEK - Mirren Gidda, Shaminder Dulai,
11FREUNDE - Kai Senf and
GEOmini-Team for the nice publications.

I'm back and recharged from Asia, looking forward to the next quarter of 2016 !
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NEON - Coverstory - 25 Years Lovelorn - Ralph Bischoff ...

I recently met Ralph Bischoff to listen to his heartbreaking lovestory and document his daily life in Bremen.

Check Out the current NEON issue to read his story about a neverending love.

Thanks to Amelie Schneider and Peggy Wellerdt !!

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Jonas Hector for 11 FREUNDE

check check. I have recently been to SV Auersmacher to meet the football player Jonas Hector from FC Köln, who'll probably join Germany's national team... Big thanks to Kai Senf from the magazine 11 Freunde!

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SPIEGEL - House Wives

Check Check the current issue of SPIEGEL Germany !! Kiên Hoàng Lê and me were on the road to Aachen, Berlin, Velden, Augsburg, Berlin and Frankfurt to meet Germany's current "House-Wives". Thanks to Thorsten Gerke and of course the lovely mothers we met on the way.

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STERN - Portrait

Nice to see my Portrait of author Bertram Eisenhauer in this week's STERN magazine. Journalist Samanta Siegfried and me met Bertram Eisenhauer in Frankfurt am Main, where he extensively told us about his motivations to write his new book "Weil ich ein Dicker bin."

In the same issue you also find Kai Löffelbein's story about mining in Indonesia !!!!

Big THANKS to Orsolya Groenewold!

Check ChecK!!!

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Back to Frankfurt and it's my first winter after many years I've made it to stay in Germany a whole winter... 2016 awaited me with lots of work and I finally feel like a little rest would be good. But the mountains are calling and gifts like this portrait I shot a few weeks ago of my father, actually on assigntment for W&B,.....

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Yippie, Crossing the Red Lines about Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel is printed. Happy to hold the Newspapers and Inlays in my hand and also have handed in my Diploma Project ! Looking forward to the last 3 weeks In Aarhus at DMJX !

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GEO WISSEN Rückenschule

This time Kiên and me were allowed to join a back therapy training with Hans Zippert. It was fun and we are glad to see the pictures in the current issue "Der starke Rücken" out now. THanks to Bärbel Edse for your trust and cooperation !

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First 3 weeks of workshops and inspiring mind releasing, therapeutic talks at DMJX (Aarhus) are over and a new chapter starts.... Looking forward to the creation time and feeling thrilled...

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Check the january I-PAD issue of GEO-MAGAZINE with an article by Jürgen Bischoff and a small film I did with Jan Henne about 3D-printing !
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Blessed 2015

Back from Morocco directly into cold Germany. Wishing you a lot of ENERGY for 2015. Stay blessed, don't forget to dance and breath deeeeeep, like Achmed in the beautiful mountains of Morocco.....

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BYE BYE Hamburg, HELLO Berlin!

My internship at GEO is over and I'm gonna spend the next month in Berlin. Thank you Hamburg and Doris, Ruth, Sabine, Venita, Elisabeth, Stefan and Markus for having me !

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GEO WISSEN with pictures of my family!

Finally the new GEO WISSEN Erziehung is out with photographs of my beloved family... Lovely issue, go and get one ! ;)

Many thanks to Bärbel Edse!!

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Yippiih! I'm on the Aarhus - traaain! I'm very glad having received a place at the unique photo class in Denmark, next year. Looking forward to it,..................

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The new GEOLINO is out with a short story on Sarah, the horse race-girl, whom I met in Cuxhaven this year.  

A lovely story on Sarah, who climbs the walls all around the world, photographed by my collegue Martin Pötter, is also in there!! CHeckcheck.

BIG THANKS to Michael Koch !

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