A1. Almost Like A Beautiful Dream

Weightless, safe and secure, it often feels inside the nest of the parents. "Almost like a beautiful dream." There comes a time when every bird leaves its nest and wants to break away from the usual bonds. Today I am 25 years old and feel today very far away from this weightless childhood, in which I was born in 1989 as a latecomer in our blended family.

In my work I take again a look in that nest, to go in for a perhaps last, long journey with and to my parents. This work is about love in old age and the triangular relationship between my parents and me as an adult child. It's about the experience of a moment rather the simple depiction of circumstances.

"Almost Like A Beautiful Dream" visualises this moment in which we hesitate, because we are using our already trembling mind. It discribes the surrounding of a cat sitting on a wall ready to jump down....